All events will be held in Room 101 of the Music Building on the University of Florida campus. Open to the public. Free admission.


9:00 am - Opening Concert

Eve Beglarian (b. 1958)
From the Same Melancholy Fate (2015)

Roland Semadeni (b. 1967)
TraFFic (2012)

Eve Beglarian (b. 1958)
I Will Not Be Sad In This World (2006)

Timothy Rosenberg, saxophone

Paul Richards (b. 1969)
Thicket (2015)

The Catalyst Saxophone Quartet

Stacy Garrop (b. 1969)
Fragmented Spirit (1998)

Mason Anthony, saxophone
Brian Hargrove, piano

12:50 pm - Convocation Concert

Paul Richards (b. 1969)
Lizard Chasing its Tail (2000)

Jonathan Helton, saxophone
Kenneth Broadway, djembe

Shulamit Ran (b. 1949)
East Wind  (1988)

Kristen Stoner, flute

Stacy Garrop (b. 1969)
Flight of Icarus (2012)

The Catalyst Saxophone Quartet

Mark Engebretson (b. 1964)
Radiance (2017)

Duo Montagnard

5:30 pm - Helton-Thomas Duo Recital

Jonathan Helton, saxophone
Steven Thomas, cello

Mark Engebretson (b. 1964)
Four Short Songs: a certain sadness (1991)

Edison Denisov (1929-1996)
Sonate pour saxophone alto et violoncelle (1994)
    Allegro risoluto

Paul Richards (b. 1969)
Jigsaw (2014)

Libby Larsen (b. 1950)
Bid Call (2002)
    Rapidfire with Bodran


9:00 am - Morning Concert 

Diogo Carvalho (1984)
Reveal (2018) World Premiere

Brendan Catalano, saxophone

Ingrid Arauco (b. 1957)
Ruby for solo alto saxophone (2017)

Stephen J. Rush (b. 1958)
Flying Fancy for solo soprano saxophone (2017)

Jonathan Hulting-Cohen, saxophone

Gregory Wanamaker (b. 1968)
Elegy (2009)

The Catalyst Saxophone Quartet

Stacy Garrop (b. 1969)
Phoenix Rising (2016)

Gerard Spicer, saxophone

Avner Dorman (1975)
Suite for Solo Saxophone (2015)

Paul Lessard, saxophone

Michael Taylor (b. 1987)
Chronometry (2015)

Michael Bovenzi, tenor saxophone
Michael Taylor, percussion

1:00 pm - Duo Montagnard in Concert

Joseph Murphy, saxophone
Matthew Slotkin, guitar

Thomas Schuttenhelm (b. 1970)
Interspheres (2013) in 3 movements

Caroline Charrier (b. 1960)
Deux Mouvements (2008)

Baljinder Sekhon (b. 1980)
Balancing Act (2018) World Premiere

Gregory Wanamaker (b. 1968)
Taking Turns (2017) 
   1. Wind up, wind down
   2. Slowly Turning
   3. SpinDavid Crowell (b. 1980)
Meander (2015) 

Russell Peterson (b. 1969)
Sonata (2011) 
   Moderately Funky

5:30 pm - Closing Concert

Arno Bornkamp, saxophone
Brian Hargove, piano


John Williams  (b. 1932)
Escapades (2002)
   Closing in
   Joy Ride

JacobTV (b. 1951)
Billie (2003)
for alto saxophone and boombox

Guillermo Lago (b. 1960)
Consecuencias (2015)
   de la ignorancia
   del amor
   de la violencia

Astor Piazzola (1921-1992) arr. Ugo Amendola
Adios Nonino (1959)